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The Capsule Tray

The Capsule Tray

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Japandi design includes pieces with rounded edges and curved shapes, which is why this tray is your perfect choice to infuse Japandi design into your space.

Stop struggling to create a Japandi oasis at home; discover how our Japandi-inspired decor brings affordability and elegance to your space.

Designed to function as an accessory tray, a coin holder, or a keeper of your cherished small treasures, or simply display it as a home accent.

This tray brings an organic shape, natural materials, and neutral colors to your space.

Each product is sealed with three coats to protect our sustainable home décor piece.


Jesmonite & Color Pigments


Product Dimension: W 4.5in (11.43cm) x L 6.5in (16.51cm)
Product Weight: 315g

Care Instructions

  • Avoid prolonged exposure to liquids on the surface of the Jesmonite to maintain strength and prevent stains
  • Gently wipe with soft cloth
  • Avoid harsh chemicals and cleaning products
  • Keep away from open fire as it may cause discoloration

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Customer Reviews

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Love the Mocha color!

I found this via instagram. Loved the quality and the color, definitely better than I've expected.

Glad you loved it! Let us know how we can make the overall experience better, and any suggestions are welcomed! Thank you again for supporting a small business :)

What is Jesmonite?

Jesmonite is made from a combination of gypsum (a mineral created from sedimentary rock) and water-based acrylic resin. 

It was originally created in the UK during an experiment with concrete technology. After many successful tests, it became primarily used in the construction industry, mostly for building high-quality surface materials.

However, in recent years, the substance has become increasingly popular among artists, sustainable businesses and the home crafting community. 

This is mostly due to how Jesmonite is considered safe, sustainable and very easy to use, especially when compared with other alternative materials (like fibreglass, polyester, plaster, concrete or resin).