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Gift Set - Oval Tray and Tumbler

Gift Set - Oval Tray and Tumbler

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Introducing our Japandi-inspired Oval Tray and Tumbler Set, handcrafted from eco-conscious Jesmonite.

This versatile duo adds elegance, functionality, and sustainability to your space. The Oval Tray is perfect for organizing your living room or bathroom essentials, while the Tumbler serves as a stylish toothbrush holder or a chic aroma diffuser holder. Elevate your home decor this holiday season and make it the perfect gift for your loved ones.


#VOC-free, non-toxic, water-based, heat-resistant and durable

▸Harmless to the human body
No added solvents or VOC, safe and non-toxic
▸Fireproof Certified
Mineral resin passes the UK fire standards test
▸Durable and Impact-Resistant
Material is sturdy yet lightweight, ideal for architectural design

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What is Jesmonite?

Jesmonite is made from a combination of gypsum (a mineral created from sedimentary rock) and water-based acrylic resin. 

It was originally created in the UK during an experiment with concrete technology. After many successful tests, it became primarily used in the construction industry, mostly for building high-quality surface materials.

However, in recent years, the substance has become increasingly popular among artists, sustainable businesses and the home crafting community. 

This is mostly due to how Jesmonite is considered safe, sustainable and very easy to use, especially when compared with other alternative materials (like fibreglass, polyester, plaster, concrete or resin).